Learning an instrument gives you a lot of satisfaction, insights in your self and is a beautiful way to explore things in life! My lessons are suitable for every level, from beginner to advanced and for all ages. It is my task to help you find your talent and to develop it without losing the pleasure of playing the instrument.

As a certified teacher I prefer structured individual lessons based on what you would like to work on. Lessons are mostly designed on developing, technique, sight reading, coordination, recognize styles and applying that to the drums, or snaredrum playing. For more advanced players who are interested in jazz drumming. The focus might be on analyses on vocabulary of the masters of jazz drumming. All my lessons are in Dutch or English. Please, feel free to contact me for additional info. Or click on the button to the Drumniverse Facebook page.


"Ik ben helemaal blij met mijn langere drumlessen. In 1 les kan ik nu techniek krijgen en ook nog vragen stellen over nummers die ik speel.”

"Jean-Clair motivates me to keep moving forward to improve my drum skills. In his lessons, we work on developing technical skills and playing along with my favorite songs. We also work on reading music notation. I really like his enthusiasm." 
Peter Bijker